The Realities of Career Development

Over a 3rd of todays 'millennial kids' will still be living at home and financially dependent on their parents well into their 30's. 


Many parents of 'Millennials', have aging parents of their own and are often caught in the middle of these two groups having to provide financial and emotional support to both. The 'sandwich generation' as they've been dubbed, are under incredible stress, all the while trying to balance their own health, relationships and career. 

At Mind IP our obsession is in guiding young adults to have an understanding of who they are, what they want for their lives and most importantly to take responsibility for their future. 

There are many 'psych assessments' out there, designed to assist with career choice, however most of them look at strengths alone and don't integrate the 'whole person'.


Our powerful focused interventions combine scientific assessment tools with a powerful 3 hour workshop that will expand how parents, teachers and young adults think about the working world and their responsibilities This workshop is designed around the following outcomes for young adults:

  • An understanding and acceptance of their unique skills, preferences, interests and vision.
  • Matching this awareness with potential career paths and the financial resources available.
  • Taking personal responsibility for their developing career path. 
  • Excitement to explore their potential.
  • Developing an action plan to evolve their career path.