Mind IP  is a dynamic people development practice that is deeply founded in the belief that individuals thrive in all areas of their lives when feeling, thinking and acting as their most authentic selves.

Our approach is founded on the unique principles of: 


  • AWARENESS - Do you have a sense of how and why your current situation has developed to this point? Developing solutions without awareness of what created the current state, is the quick, but unsustainable fix. Developing awareness is a first and most important step that cannot be avoided if there is to be any effective and sustainable change.                                                                                                                                              "Awareness without action is worthless, action without awareness is dangerous" Dr P McGraw


Our unique approach combines the latest theories on emergent thinking alongside an internationally recognised Jungian based profiling tool. 


  • AUTHENTICITY Do you know what it is that drives you? what your unique values, strengths and preferences are? Inauthentic solutions are not sustainable, not in your personal life or in your teams and businesses.                                      "Authenticity is when what you think. feel, say and do are aligned" Mahatma Ghandi


Our focused interventions are designed to develop you, your teams, or your organizations reach your desired objectives. 

  • ACTION When coming from a place of awareness and authenticity, action becomes inspired, creative and dynamic. You & your team take ownership for your decisions and begin to chart a course of sustainable growth.                                                                        "Passion is the result of action, not the cause of it" Anon

"Only dead fish swim with the stream" Malcolm Muggeridge