Profiling Tool

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool which gives individuals engaging, reinforcing and transformational insights into themselves and others.

Celebrating the uniqueness of each person, the profile illustrates how recognizing and valuing difference can empower people to make more informed and authentic decisions.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is available in over 30 countries and in 25 languages.


  • Everyone is unique and so is their profile
  • Simple, memorable color system that sticks
  • Positive supportive language promotes an 'I'm OK, you're OK' perspective
  • Continually validated for accuracy
  • Assists individuals in gaining an understanding of their style and how it impacts on others
  • Enables people to develop their interpersonal skills, improve team performance and create a more positive productive cultural environment
  • Being easy to understand and recall makes long-term application and change far more likely.