Make a Positive Shift in your Life 

Courageous Master-Class 

Are you putting off living until tomorrow?

How many tomorrows do you have left?

Most of us are so busy trying to get ahead in our lives, that we lose touch with why we’re working so hard and what makes us truly happy. The constant pressure can mean there is no time to really introspect and think about what needs to happen for us to get the future we want.

This 3 day Retreat has been designed to deal with the stresses placed on today’s busiest people. It is a deeply practical, challenging and fun process, set in a beautiful environment, away from all of the distractions of our lives.

You will leave with a self-tailored plan, designed by you, for your unique life situation.

This Courageous Master-class is for those that are daring enough to step back from the patterns of their lives and take control of their future.

·      Deeply practical, professionally guided process

·      Designed for busy people who need to re-boot their lives

·      Non-denominational, an integrated approach

·      Enjoyable, relaxing, time away from the distractions of life

·      Selection process ensures like-minded delegates   

Your Guides

Diane Simpson is a personal development specialist that has decades of experience facilitating and coaching thousands of individuals and teams in both the corporate and SMME environment. Diane is a constant student, with post-graduate qualifications in varied forms of coaching as well as personality profiling. Her own hard-won happiness as well as a deep knowledge and understanding for the human condition are used to help her clients develop a more authentic and meaningful life.

Ant Page is a leadership and construction specialist with over 30 years experience in both the development and turnaround of businesses around the world. As CEO of a listed construction business he differentiated himself through his insistence on people development. He has recently completed an MBA focusing on the turn-around of complex businesses using a systems thinking approach. Antony is a strong believer that you must do what it takes to live a passionate and joyful life. He has a hunger for adventure and challenge and is a regular participant on off-road motorbike rallyes around the world.

Diane’s calmness and people-centric approach combined with and Ant’s pragmatism and excitement for life are the perfect accompaniments to this weekend of self-understanding and growth.